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Volunteering Program

The volunteer project development function aims to implement projects that are collectively useful and that promote youth involvement and ownership of community issues.

Involvement in volunteer projects promotes the expression of citizenship. In addition to representing a gateway to other forms of civic, societal or political participation, volunteering can influence the personal development of individuals. This form of engagement promotes integration into the community, the establishment or reinforcement of a sense of belonging and awareness of local issues. Participation in volunteering projects that have a collective purpose can also have a positive effect on the population’s perception of young people since this type of commitment has direct benefits for the community.

Who benefits from this?

The volunteering projects are aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 35. A participation allowance is paid to the participants.

Specific objectives

  • Promote the development of volunteering projects, both locally and with interregional, interprovincial or international mobility, in order to increase the number of opportunities for young people to get involved in their community by organizing group projects in partnership with the community
  • Establish and strengthen partnerships with host organizations.

Recognition of volunteers

Examples of volunteering projects:

The Squad - Flood Relief

« Day of the Dead »

Argenteuil MRC Community Agriculture Project

The Snow Squad

Soap box race

A 2nd beauty for the family estate

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