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Specialised youth services

-I would like to go back to school, but I see this as a major burden.

-I need help to find a job ...

-I don't know where to begin to change my life ...

-I have difficulty organizing my procedures...

- I'm having a hard time getting myself organized ...

-I need someone to support me and listen to me ...

If these sentences speak to you, we can certainly help you! We are at your service to help you accomplish your life project. All you need to do is make an initial appointment and we will be happy to discuss with you the type of support program that best suits you!

We can support you in several ways :

  • Help with going back to school, school applications, financial aid
  • Sports, culinary and cultural activities
  • Workshops on various topics
  • Internship opportunities
  • Help in finding a job
  • Community involvement
  • Strategies to reach your goals and objectives
  • Self-awareness and mastery

Our facilitators, Tyffany and Melissa, will be delighted to meet you!

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us:


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