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Personal and Social Self-Sufficiency Program

Do you find it difficult to feed, clothe or house yourself?

Managing your emotions, making a budget or a grocery list is not your forte?

Would you like to find goals in your life and get out of isolation?

Do you need to talk about your problems without feeling judged?

Do you need to know about the resources in the area?

Do not hesitate to  CONTACT US  , we will be there to listen to you, help you and guide you!

For whom?

This service is intended for young people between the ages of 16 and 35 including, those who are experiencing significant personal, social, or professional integration difficulties related to transitions to adulthood (for example, young people with substance abuse or mental health problems, young people who have dropped out of high school for more than six months, young people from youth centers, etc.).

Specific objectives

  • To promote the development of skills and behaviors that will allow young people in vulnerable situations to stabilize their lives and acquire personal and social autonomy through individual and group support;
  • To offer the young participants the possibility of experimenting a project that favors their social involvement;
  • To establish and strengthen partnerships with health and social service institutions and community organizations ensuring the continuity and complementarity of services.
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