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My finances, my choices

About :

The “My Finances, My Choices financial education program helps young people make informed consumer choices and start their financial lives with confidence. This program covers the essential topics for learning about financial management. The content, divided into 17 modules, is adapted to different realities and allows for the quick application of tips in everyday life.

For whom :

This program is free and designed for youth between the ages of 16 and 25. It is also open to groups, such as school classes, sports teams, etc.

17 modules to choose from:

Module 1    Budget : Numbers that Speak

Use the budget as a tool to realize your personal projects.

Module 2    Credit : It's in my interest to see it

Understand how credit works and evaluate its weight in your budget to use it wisely.

Module 3    Consumer Goods : My choices, my influences

Determine the influences that guide your choices and your consumption needs to stay in control of the situation.

Module 4    Buying/Saving : How to Balance the Two

Define the key elements of thoughtful consumption, the precise role of savings and the different ways to achieve them.

Module 5    Over-indebtedness : solutions to get out of it

Avoid accumulating too much debt and discover the solutions to get out of it.

Module 6    Food : Tips and Tricks for Saving

Learn about the cost of food in your budget, supermarket marketing strategies and money saving tips.

Module 7    Transportation : On the Right Track

Explore the myths, realities and costs of different modes of transportation to choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Module 8    Moving to an apartment : key elements to consider

Evaluate the different housing options and the preparation steps that correspond to your needs, your lifestyle and your financial capacity.

Module 9    Consumer Protection : Know Your Rights

Identify the rights and responsibilities of each party and the possible recourses in common situations.

Module 10    Cell Phone : Making sense of it all

Identify the important factors to consider when purchasing and using a cell phone.

Module 11    Education : An Investment to Plan

Understand the value of planning your education project and determine how to finance it.

Module 12    Employment Income : From Gross to Net

Become familiar with the numbers and deductions made on a pay statement. Be aware of the risks and consequences of moonlighting.

Module 13    Labour Market : My Rights and Responsibilities

Discover the main rules and standards that govern working conditions and the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Module 14    Taxes : A civic duty

Demystify taxes and the responsibility of citizens in this regard.

Module 15    Financial Services : Accounts, Transactions and Security

Differentiate between several financial institutions and their services. Learn how to make secure financial transactions.

Module 16    Insurance : Making sense of it all

Distinguish the main types of insurance, their usefulness and your responsibilities. Develop your critical thinking skills and discover the possible recourses.

Module 17    Investing : it's more than just making money!

Think critically about the steps you need to take to choose your investments according to your profile and your plans.

Need more details :

For a workshop request or for any information, contact Robert Simard


This project is made possible thanks to the financial contribution of Desjardins
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