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Together against labour shortage :

Given the severe labor shortage in the region, youth who would not have been hired in the past are now being hired. However, they continue to have gaps in their job skills and attitudes. This makes it easier for them to get into a new job.

Nevertheless, job retention remains the new challenge for these vulnerable youth. In order to avoid repeated failures, the Carrefour wishes to offer socio-professional support to these young people. Thus, a designated facilitator for job maintenance will be called upon to work with vulnerable youth and employers in the region. However, this role should not be confused with that of a human resources manager. The role of this designated facilitator will be to offer individual coaching to these vulnerable youth in order to equip them adequately for the job market. In addition, the facilitator will also be able to provide employers with adapted interventions in order to better supervise these young people who are experiencing difficulties.

Thus, by simultaneously developing the professional skills of young people and developing the adaptive strategies of employers, it will be possible to consolidate the retention of these young people in the workplace. This is a strategy to be favoured in order to counter the current labour shortage. The designated job retention facilitator will therefore be called upon to offer his coaching services to the various employers in the region.

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